Office Hours

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Meet with Project TA Zoom (link via Canvas)

Office Hours Table

TA Specialization Project Office Hour Signup
Yanjun Chen Computer Vision, Robotics, Reinforcement Learning Click to book
Tianhe Yu Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Multi-task Learning, Meta-Learning Click to book
Fenglu Hong Generative Models, CV Click to book
Grace Lam NLP, AI in Healthcare Click to book
Jack Lee CV, Generative Models Click to book
Allan Zhou Meta-learning, Reinforcement Learning Click to book
Vincent Li NLP, knowledge, Multi-Modal Click to book
Elaine Sui AI in healthcare, NLP Click to book

Please add yourself to your desired queue during regular OH, and wait for your turn. During project OH, go to your project TA’s room on Zoom.

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All Office Hours are held remotely over Zoom