Office Hours

Times and locations may occasionally change each week; please check this page often.

Meet with Project TA Zoom (link via Canvas)

Office Hours Table

TA Specialization Project Office Hour Signup
Sarthak Consul CV, NLP, Healthcare Click to book
Hanson Lu NLP Click to book
Surag Nair Genetics Click to book
Manasi Sharma CV Click to book
Skanda Vaidyanath Reinforcement learning, control Click to book
Yan Wang CV Click to book
Davey Huang Healthcare, NLP Click to book
Elaine Sui AI in healthcare, NLP, CV Click to book

Please add yourself to your desired queue during regular OH, and wait for your turn. During project OH, go to your project TA’s room on Zoom.

Google Calendar

Office Hours are offered both in-person and remotely over Zoom. Please check the Google calendar below for the office hour location.