Office Hours

Times and locations may occasionally change each week so please check this page often. You will need to create an account on QueueStatus. When you wish to join the queue, click on the "Sign Up" button in the CS230-Winter Queue page. Be sure to properly enter all information needed in the menu when you sign up. This will enable the CAs to properly contact you. Also check "Announcements" and "chat" boxes reguarly for messages from CAs.


Location and Zoom ID

TA Location Zoom ID (SCPD)
Abhijeet Huang Basement 815 834 5827
Ahmad Huang Basement 582-402-6341
Cristian Huang Basement 325-039-9239
Daniel Huang Basement 305-628-5358
Farzan Huang Basement 747-191-3583
Gael Huang Basement 749-517-3534
Hojat SCPD Only 452-715-0895
Hoormazd SCPD Only 339-569-9541
Ishan SCPD Only 633-773-8672
Kaidi SCPD Only 774-478-3470
Sagar SCPD Only 569-015-8564
Sarah Huang Basement 964-301-5961
Shervine Huang Basement 978-903-0444
Weini Huang Basement 987-188-2593